Symptoms Of Anxiety Attack In Women

Symptoms Of Anxiety Attack In Women

Recognizing the Symptoms of Anxiety in Women

Women are fragile human being, that’s why they often suffer from symptoms of anxiety attack in women. Their mind and body are so sensitive to changes and circumstances. Moreover, women are emotional persons. Everything that happens around her is often taken personally and seriously into their heart. It is no wonder that the number of women who suffer from anxiety is higher than the number of men who suffer from the same emotional problem. Anxiety will, of course, bring bad effects rather that positive effect toward a woman’s life. Moreover, it will also affect their appearance.

There are many aspects that can trigger the anxiety in women. They are divided into two types. The first is that factor from outside their body. It could be a phobia toward an object or situation. It might be traumatic experience. Other possibility is that, they might suffer from unrealistic fear on their health, family life, and financial condition. The second aspect is that factors that comes inside their body. As we know, women through many hormonal changes inside their body. This hormonal change such as being pregnant and giving birth, PMS, and menopause can bring anxiety to their life. All of them will explode one day and trigger the feeling of apprehensiveness, extreme fear, panic, and uneasiness. If those feeling are intense and last too long, it can ruin their precious life.
In order to avoid this chronic situation, they need to recognize the symptoms of anxiety attack in women.
·     Extreme fatigue
Women have many responsibilities in their life. They have to work to help the family. In addition, they have to take care of their family. Those responsibilities consume their time and energy so that they do not get enough rest. When there is more stressing responsibility coming, they will suffer from chronic fatigue. Some of them might feel very exhausted even without doing anything strenuous. If you feel this way, you need to remember what makes you so. If it is the stress that comes along with your responsibility, you had better take time to rest and relax.
·     Obsession
Women who are suffering from anxiety often have unrealistic obsession or worry over something. Their worry is not necessarily from a big problem, it can arise from small problems. Worrying over something unnecessary or even imaginary can lead into chronic anxiety if it takes place in a long time.
·     Dizziness
Many women often suffer from headache and migraine. When women are tired because of doing their responsibilities, they will suffer from those two illnesses. Doing stressful responsibilities not only need energies but also spend them emotionally. That is why they often suffered from dizziness. If you feel this way, drink a lot of mineral water and lay down for a while.
·     Isolation
When women are getting through a difficult time, they often get social anxiety. Their friends and activities will remain them of the unsolved problem so that they choose to stay away from friends and public situation. Some women are afraid that they will do something embarrassing publicly so that they choose to isolate themselves. If you do not want meet your friends and family right now, you have to stop now before anything get worse.
·     Waking up sweating in the middle of the night
When women have pressuring problem, they often bring it to their bedroom. They worry about it just before they go to bed so that their mind is not at rest. Because of this, they will difficulty to get some sleep. Some other women cannot have peaceful sleep because of nightmares. In consequence, they wake up sweating in the middle of the night.
Be aware of the symptoms of anxiety attack in women so that you can take action to come over it

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